VEXcode VR Virtual Skills for VIQRC

Each year, with the introduction of a new VEX IQ Robotics Competition, VEX releases a VR Virtual Skills version of the game. VEXcode VR Virtual Skills lets students practice coding and test strategy with a virtual robot (VR) in a virtual environment. Students gain skills in coding autonomous robots that will help them code their real VEX IQ robot.


VEXcode VR Virtual Skills for VEX IQ is an online-only application. You must be a member of a registered team. Once you are registered, you will use your Virtual Skills Key to log into VIQRC VR Virtual Skills in VEXcode IQ.  Learn how to get your Virtual Skills Key and get started in VIQRC Virtual Skills.

Access VIQRC VR Virtual Skills at by selecting "Login with Code" in the file menu, then choosing "VIQC Virtual Skills - (current game name)" from the Select Playground interface on the toolbar.

Overview, Tutorials, and Resources

The VEX STEM Library includes a comprehensive collection of documents, tutorials, and resources for VIQRC Virtual Skills, including instructions to load and save projects in Windows, macOS, and Chrome.

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