Get Started with a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Hero Bot

Each year, a VEX IQ Hero Bot is designed to provide teams with a starting point to play the current VEX IQ Robotics Competition game. It is intended for experienced teams to be able to quickly assemble a robot to investigate the game's dynamics. New teams can also use the Hero Bot to learn valuable building skills and have a robot they can customize to compete with early in the season.


The Hero Robot:

  • is intended to be a starting place for new teams.
  • is not intended to be a winning robot.
  • is not capable of scoring in every way that is allowed by the game.
  • only uses the parts found in the VEX IQ Starter Kit (1st generation, used for Hero Bots up to the 2022-23 season) or VEX IQ Competition Kit (2nd generation)

Build Instructions

Build instructions for the all VEX IQ Hero Bots are located in the VEX Robot Build Library.  A new Hero Bot is added to the Robot Build library and the VEX Mechanical > Competition Robots Library following the new game announcement at the annual VEX Robotics World Championship.