Safety Procedures at VIQRC Events


Safety of participants is a major concern at a robotics event, both within the venue and beyond its doors. As always, common sense should prevail. Below are just a few of the safety practices participants and guests should follow.

Outside the Venue

  • It is always a good practice for students to travel in groups, never alone.
  • Have a basic understanding of entrances and exits to the building. If a map is available, keep it on hand.
  • Be aware of the traffic flow and walking hazards to and from your transportation.
  • Keep your vehicles locked.

Inside the Venue

  • If you have physical limitations, contact the Event Partner for possible accommodations.
  • Always know where First Aid and safety devices are located.
  • Assign a person to monitor safety for your team at the event.
  • Keep your pit area clean and neat.
  • Avoid trip hazards by keeping the floor in your pit area clear.
  • Store all tools and sharp objects when they're not in use.
  • Check with the Event Partner on where to connect your battery chargers.
  • Work on your robot in your pit area. Do not work on your robot in aisles.
  • Do not create any structures in your work area that may fall over.
  • When testing your robot, be aware of your surroundings and people who are standing nearby.
  • Always wear appropriate shoes. Open-toed shoes and sandals are highly discouraged.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, and other aggressive behavior must be avoided.
  • Keep trash and other debris picked up.
  • Report any safety concern to the Event Partner.