Event Partner – The volunteer VEX IQ Robotics Competition tournament coordinator who serves as an overall manager for the volunteers, venue, event materials, and all other event considerations. Event Partners serve as the official liaison between the REC Foundation, the event volunteers, and event attendees. 

Finals Match – A Teamwork Match used to determine the Teamwork Challenge champions. 

Head Referee – A certified impartial volunteer responsible for enforcing the rules in this manual as written. Head Referees are the only people who may discuss ruling interpretations or scoring questions with Teams at an event. Large events (e.g., Signature Events, World Championships, etc.) might include multiple Head Referees at the Event Partner’s discretion. 

Match Stop Time – The time remaining (i.e., displayed on the timer or audience display) in a tiebreaker Finals Match when an Alliance ends the Match early by placing their controllers on the ground. The Match Stop Time is rounded down to the nearest even number. For example, if controllers are set down when the displayed time is 13 seconds, the Match Stop Time is recorded as 12 seconds. If an Alliance does not finish the Match early, they receive a default Match Stop Time of 0 seconds. 

Practice Match – A non-scored Match used to provide time for Teams to get acquainted with the official playing Field

Qualification Match – A Teamwork Challenge Match used to determine the event rankings. 

Robot Skills Challenge – A portion of the VEX IQ Robotics Competition. The Robot Skills Challenge consists of Driving Skills Matches and Autonomous Coding Skills Matches as described in the General Definitions.

Scorekeeper Referee – An impartial volunteer responsible for tallying scores at the end of a Match. Scorekeeper Referees do not make ruling interpretations, and should redirect any Team questions regarding rules or scores to the Head Referee

Teamwork Challenge – A portion of the VEX IQ Robotics Competition. The Teamwork Challenge consists of Teamwork Challenge Matches. The Teamwork Challenge includes Qualification Matches and Finals Matches, and may include Practice Matches.