This section provides an introduction to the VEX IQ Robotics Competition (VIQRC) and VIQRC Rapid Relay.

VEX IQ Robotics Competition Rapid Relay: A Primer

VEX IQ Robotics Competition Rapid Relay is played on a 6’x8’ rectangular Field, set up as illustrated in the figures throughout this game manual.

The primary objectives of the game are to Pass the Balls between Robots, score Balls through Targets, and Clear Switches. Balls are introduced to the field through the Loading Station or, during the last 15 seconds of a Match, a Rapid Load Zone. Points are awarded based on how many Goals are Scored, how many Switches have been Cleared, and how many times the Alliance successfully Passed the Ball before scoring it.

In the Teamwork Challenge, an Alliance composed of two (2) Robots works together to score as many points as possible in a sixty (60) second Match

Teams may also compete in Robot Skills Matches, where one (1) Robot tries to score as many points as possible with a slightly different set of rules. See Appendix B for more information. 

Note: The illustrations in this section of the Game Manual are intended to provide a general visual understanding of the game. Teams should refer to official field specifications, found in Appendix A, for exact field dimensions, a full field bill of materials, and exact details of field construction.


Figure O-1: Starting configuration of the Field for a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Rapid Relay Match.