Scoring Rules
<SC1> All Scoring statuses are evaluated after the Match ends
<SC2> All Scoring statuses are evaluated visually by a Head Referee
<SC3> Scored Goal criteria
<SC4> Cleared Switch criteria
<SC5> Pass criteria
<SC6> At the end of a Match, an Alliance cannot receive points for more Passes than Goals
<SC7> Rapid Relay is designed to be scored in “real-time”
Safety Rules
<S1> Stay safe, don’t damage the Field
<S2> Students must be accompanied by an Adult
General Game Rules
<G1> Treat everyone with respect
<G2> VIQRC is a Student-centered program
<G3> Use common sense
<G4> The Robot must represent the skill level of the Team
<G5> Robots begin the Match in the starting size
<G6> Keep your Robot together
<G7> Don’t damage the Field
<G8> Drivers drive your Robot, and stay in the Driver Station
<G9> Hands out of the Field
<G10> Handling the Robot mid-Match is allowed under certain circumstances
<G11> A Team’s two Drivers switch controllers midway through the Match
Specific Game Rules
<SG1> Pre-Match setup
<SG2> Robot expansion is limited
<SG3> Keep Balls in the Field
<SG4> Using the Loading Station
<SG5> Loading during the Rapid Load Period
<SG6> Retrieving Balls from the Pickup Zone
Robot Rules
<R1> One Robot per Team
<R2> Robots must represent the Team’s skill level
<R3> Robots must pass inspection
<R4> Starting configuration
<R5> Prohibited items
<R6> VEX IQ product line
<R7> Non-VEX IQ components
<R8> Decorations are allowed
<R9> Officially registered Team numbers must be displayed on Robot License Plates
<R10> Let it go after the Match is over
<R11> Robot Brain
<R12> Motors
<R13> Batteries
<R14> Firmware
<R15> Modification of Parts
<R16> Pneumatics
<R17> There is a difference between accidentally and willfully violating a Robot rule.
Tournament Rules
<T1> The Head Referee has final authority on all gameplay ruling decisions
<T2> Head Referees must be qualified
<T3> The Drive Team Members are permitted to immediately appeal the Head Referee’s ruling
<T4> The Event Partner has final authority regarding all non-gameplay decisions
<T5> Be at your Match on time
<T6> Robots at the field must be ready to play
<T7> Match replays are allowed, but rare
<T8> Disqualifications
<T9> Timeouts
<T10> Be prepared for minor field variance
<T11> Fields and Field Elements may be repaired at the Event Partner’s discretion
<T12> Teamwork Matches
<T13> Ending a Match early
<T14> Practice Matches may be played at some events, but are not required
<T15> Qualification Matches will occur according to the official Match Schedule
<T16> Each Team will be scheduled Qualification Matches as follows
<T17> Teams are ranked by their average Qualification Match scores
<T18> Teams playing in Finals Matches
<T19> Finals Match Schedule
Robot Skills Challenge Rules
<RSC1> Standard rules apply in most cases
<RSC2> Scoring Robot Skills Matches
<RSC3> Robot Skills Field setup
<RSC4> Loader differences
<RSC5> Skills ranking at events
<RSC6> Skills rankings globally
<RSC7> Skills Match Schedule
<RSC8> Handling Robots during an Autonomous Coding Skills Match
<RSC9> Starting an Autonomous Coding Skills Match
<RSC10> Skills Stop Time
<RSC11> Robot Skills at League Events